Fate takes all my money

I have recently fallen in love with Fate by Evil Hat Productions. I originally discovered Fate via the Dresden Files RPG (DFRPG), which runs on the Fate Engine, and totally drew me in. And then Evil Hat put out Fate Core and Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE) with their brilliant “pay what you want” model for the PDF’s. Those brilliant jerks. I totally paid the suggested price for the PDF’s (which was totally reasonable) and then fell so in love with them that I just had to get the physical copies from my FLGS. And then they came up in the Bundle of Holding… which I bought. And I found other related products on DriveThruRPG.com… which I also bought. There’s just so much good stuff available, at such reasonable prices!

*slow clap*
Well played, gentlemen, well played. As Fred Hicks (President of Evil Hat) once said on twitter, “Working as intended.”
Shut up, Fred…
I’m getting involved with the Fate material in a number of ways. I’m involved in two DFRPG games and a Fate Core steampunk game, all of which I play-by-post. I’m working up to try a campaign with my wife and her brother and his wife and I think I’ll use Fate for that to. And I think I’m going to start up a game in my office once a week on lunch, and I’ll definitely be proposing we use Fate for that, due to the fast play and Theatre of the Mind format.
Finally, I got to do a one-shot game last week with two of my twitter buddies. I converted a World of Darkness one-shot called “Night of the Ghoul”, by Grant Erswell, for use with FAE. We hopped into a Google Hangout and played for two hours. Lots of fun!
I think I’ll probably come back around to D&D later, but I feel like I need a break from it for a bit. For the time being I want to explore some other systems, and I’m really enjoying 13th Age and Fate. It also helps that Fate has a thriving community on Google+ that drives lots of good conversation every day.
So I’m really enjoying Fate.
And in the meantime… they keep taking my money.
– Razorstorm

5 responses to “Fate takes all my money

  • Grant Erswell

    I just followed a Tweet from @EvilHatOfficial to here – its great that their business model seems to be working 🙂 BTW was the Night of the Ghoul scenario you mentioned the one I wrote (likely downloaded from UKRoleplayers.com)?

    • Razorstorm

      Probably! The one with Bill Chester? Takes place in England? It was in a word doc that I had sitting in a folder from a while ago, and it didn’t have a name on it, so I couldn’t remember where I got it, or who wrote it. If you want to give me a link, I’ll be happy to link it in the post with a credit!

      • Grant Erswell

        Thanks for the credit and link – it’s always nice to know people are having fun with stuff I have written 🙂

  • mohuju

    I am really excited to get some rp time with you guys again. This engine sounds interesting compared to the other engine we used last time. Love the blog posts!

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