Approaches & Abilities – Scarlet VonRosen

Here is another sample character made using the blended method of Approaches and Abilities that I proposed in this post here.

This character calls for some special introduction and disclaimers. This is a conversion of my wife’s favorite D&D character. EVER. So whenever I pick up a new system, I always convert her to see how well it accommodates a lightly armored flashy finesse swashbuckling fighter-type.

She very seriously almost didn’t let me post this one. She is very protective of Scarlet. “That is MY character! Someone will steal her!” So I before I share Scarlet, I have to tell you that she is my wife’s, @Lahruna on twitter, Intellectual Property. If you steal her for your own campaign, she may just hunt you down and kill you. You have been warned.

So, here are the questions I’d like you to consider as you judge this method in action:

  • Is it more immediately obvious what this character is good at then the standard FAE method?
  • Is it easy to understand?
  • Does it make you think about how you’d creatively combine the Approaches & Abilities to do cool stuff?
  • Does anything feel “out of place” in the genre?

Scarlet VonRosen

High Concept: Infamous Swashbuckling Captain of the Scarlet Corsairs

Trouble: Act First, Think Later
Crazy like a Fox
All Dressed Up and No Ship to Sail
Louder, Faster, Funnier, and ALWAYS with glitter!



Clever +1
Flashy +2
Sneaky +1



Athletics +1
Combat +2
Socialize +1


Shipmaster – Gain +2 to any rolls related to the operation of a ship or the coordination of it’s crew

Showy Swashbuckler – Gain +2 when Flashily using Athletics to Create Advantage against an opponent as long as it involves flashy acrobatics.

Riposte – If you succeed with style on a Flashy Combat Defense, you can choose to inflict a 2-shift hit rather than take a boost.

Fast Talk – Gain a +2 when Sneakily Socializing to Overcome obstacles as long as the situation does not involved more than a few sentences before blowing past them.

Refresh: 2


Clever +2
Flashy +3
Forceful +1
Quick +1
Sneaky +2



Fight +4
Deceive +3
Athletics +3
Rapport +2
Burglary +2
Provoke +2
Drive +1
Stealth +1
Physique +1
Shoot +1

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