Approaches & Abilites – Shane Lyonin

Here is another sample character made using the blended method of Approaches and Abilities that I proposed in this post here.

Shane is a character I built for a Pathfinder game of Curse of the Crimson Throne, but never really got to use. But I still really like the concept. I actually like him better in Fate terms, because his motivations and drama get highlighted, which are much more interesting than an urban ranger build. I also really like the idea of a bounty hunter focusing on bodily tackling people, rather than attacking them with weapons, because he wants them alive. It just doesn’t work very well in most RPG’s. But here, he can be a lean, mean tackling machine!

So, here are the questions I’d like you to consider as you judge this method in action:

  • Is it more immediately obvious what this character is good at then the standard FAE method?
  • Is it easy to understand?
  • Does it make you think about how you’d creatively combine the Approaches & Abilities to do cool stuff?
  • Does anything feel “out of place” in the genre?

Shane Lyonin

High Concept: Relentless Bounty Hunter
Trouble: Dismissed from the Griffin Guard for murder I didn’t commit
Never trust the system
Take Matters into Your Own Hands
Built for Trouble

Careful +1
Forceful +2
Sneaky +1


Athletics +1
Combat +1
Investigation +2


Take ‘Em to the Ground! – Gain a +2 when Forcefully using Athletics to Create an Advantage related to grappling or wrestling

That’s Bullshit! – Gain +2 when Forcefully using Discovery to Defend against attempts to deceive you.

Knock ‘Em out! – Once per scene, when you force an opponent to take a consequence, you can spend a Fate Point to increase the consequence’s severity. If your opponent was already going to take a severe consequence, he must either take a severe consequence and a second consequence, or be taken out.

Refresh: 3



Careful +2
Clever +1
Forceful +3
Quick +1
Sneaky +2


Physique +4
Fight +3
Investigate +3
Athletics +2
Notice +2
Will +2
Provoke +1
Stealth +1
Deceive +1
Burglary +1


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