FAE PC’s and NPC’s from Night of the Ghoul

I recently posted about my awesome game night where I played a Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE) conversion of Night of the Ghoul with my buddies Michael and Caleb from DnD Academy. It was my first time really getting to GM a game using the FAE rules, and we had a really fun time. I wanted to share the PC’s that they played, and a few major NPC’s that I prepared for it.

The PC’s

First of all, we have our heroes. Peter Flynn was a middle-aged college professor and cricket coach turned monster hunter when his family was eaten by ghouls. Mason, aka “Ace”, was a college all-star cricket player who followed Flynn into a double-life of monster hunting. They were one part Sam & Dean, two parts Buffy & Giles.

Peter Flynn

High Concept: Professor who lost his family to ghouls
Trouble: Drinking away the nightmares
I know I read that somewhere…
Ghouls killed my wife
Careful +1
Clever +3
Flashy +0
Forceful +2
Quick +2
Sneaky +1
My Journal of Nightmares – Because I have done so much research into monsters, when I Cleverly Create Advantage to exploit or identify somethings weakness, I get one additional free invocation.I can tell a story – Because I’m good at weaving a complete and compelling persona, I gain a +2 to Cleverly Overcome Obstacles in social situations when I have time to build a complete story.
Third stunt never filled in during play.

Mason aka “Ace”

High Concept: All-star cricket player & monster hunter
Trouble: Caught between two worlds 
My badass skateboard!

Careful +1
Clever +1
Flashy +2
Forceful +2
Quick +3
Sneaky +0

Offensive Return – Because I’m an all-star competitor, I gain +2 to Quickly attack in response to an enemy rushing me.

Skateboard Stunting – Because I’m a badass skateboarder, I gain a + 2 to Flashily Overcome obstacles while skateboarding.
Quick Cover – Because I keep having to make up cover stories in our work, I gain +2 to Quickly Overcome obstacles in deceptive social situations where I’m only interacting with people for a brief moment or two.

The NPC’s

There were three major NPC’s that our hero’s dealt with during this scenario. Reverend Jonathan Hardy runs the church where the body was dug up (which kicked off the whole scenario). His purpose was largely to serve as an exposition engine in a social investigation scene. Big Al is a drug dealing gangster that the PC’s shook up to get info about some local hoodlums. Ace stumbled into his aspect “No one calls me Fat Albert!” quite by accident, which served to escalate the scene quite quickly. He went down very quickly against the two PC’s. That conflict could have been more challenging, but they succeeded in scaring off his goons immediately after taking him out, so it ended up being pretty abrupt. Finally, Bill Chester is the subject of the entire scenario. The hero’s were on his trail thinking he was a ghoul, but he turns out to be a very mortal man suffering from severe mental illness, who thought he had turned into an undead. He lasted for a few rounds against the PC’s in a brawl that took place in a sewer tunnel before conceeding. Giving him a “Good at” related to defense helped his survivability quite a lot.  I totally forgot to spend any of my GM Fate Points, which would have served to make either of the conflicts more challenging.

Reverend Jonathan Hardy

   I can’t take much more of this.
     Committed to protecting the church’s good name.
     Good at (+2): Preaching, Debating
     Bad at (-2): Lying, Fighting

Big Al 

     No one messes on my turf!
     Cash is king
     No one calls me Fat Albert!
     Good at (+2): Fighting, staredowns
     Bad at (-2): Running, Resisting luxury     
     Stress: 1

Thugs (Mooks)

     Big Al’s the boss
     I don’t get paid enough for this
     Good at (+2): Fighting, Running
     Bad at (-2): Polite discussion, lying
     Stress: 0

Bill Chester

     Life is nothing but Death
     I’m becoming undead
     So hungry!
     The light, it burns!!!!
     Good at (+2): taking a hit, sneaking around, being scary, biting
     Bad at (-2): lucid conversation
     Stress: 2

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