Dr. Nancy Warner

Dr. Nancy Warner

High Concept: Physicist Turned Ritualist
Trouble: Always Sticking My Nose Where It Doesn’t Belong
I Used to Teach at Cambridge
Pillar of the Supernatural Community
Poppy’s Place is a Haven for All

Careful +2
Clever +1
Sneaky +1

Influential +1
Skilled +2
Social +1

Scholarly Ritualist – Because I am a scholarly ritualist, I can use Carefully Skilled to Overcome Obstacles or Create Advantages through ritual magic, as long as I have time to prepare and execute it. I have no talent for fast combat magic.

Poppy’s Place Library – My impressive private library, at the back of my bookstore grants a +2 to Carefully Skilled attempts to Overcome Obstacles or Create Advantages when researching occult topics.

Enchanted Amulet – Because I always wear my enchanted amulet, I get a +1 to Defend against any physical or supernatural mental attacks, such as vampiric domination.


This character is built using the playtest version of my A&A FAE Method.


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