Deadlands Fate

See the Deadlands Fate Collection HERE.

This abomination, based on the Chupacabra, is a small gray or brown creature with a vaguely monkey-like appearance, a large head, long arms, and short legs. Its hands and feet end in vicious claws, and it has a round mouth filled with jagged teeth.

I converted this monster from the Deadlands Reloaded Marshals Guide. It is intended to challenge a party of 3 starting Fate PC’s. 




“Bloodthirsty Chupakabara” “Small Nocturnal Ambusher” “Too Fast to See” “Frenzied Whirlwind of tooth & Claw”


Fighting +4
Fearsome +3
Stealth +4
Athletics +3


Frenzied Whirlwind – Gain a +2 to Fighting Attack without moving and target two or more targets
Blurred Movement – Gain a +2 to Athletic Defense if moved one zone this exchange
Fearsome Screech – Can make Fearsome Create Advantage rolls against all targets in the same zone without splitting shifts.

Stress: 3

Consequences: Mild & Moderate


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