Deadlands Fate – Martín

Deadlands Fate

See the Deadlands Fate Collection HERE.

Martín is one of the PC’s in our Deadlands Fate game.

Tetabiakte Martín Maldonado de Jesús

(tetabiakte means ‘rolling stone’)


High Concept:  Tribeless Jesuit Mystic
Trouble:  The specters of those I’ve failed pursue me
I keep one moccasin in many worlds
I always have an allegory
Quick to run

Careful +2
Quick +1
Sneaky +1

Athletic +1
Mystical +2*
Skilled +1

*Martin uses my simple “Magic in A&A FAE” rules. Mystical is the skill he uses. The skill points he invested in this skill is the cost of the Extra. By default he can only use it to Create Advantages or Overcome Obstacles. Before the game started we came to an understanding of what sorts of things we imagined his magic doing so that we were on the same page. If he ever wanted to use it to attack or defend, he would need to spend a stunt to unlock those actions.


Because I know many faces of one truth, I get +2 when I’m Social with religious leaders.

Because the specters of my past relentlessly pursue me, I am never caught by surprise.

Because of my connection with huya anía (the wilderness world), I get a +2 when I am Carefully Mystical to create an advantage from natural environments or unworked plant matter.

Refresh: 3


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