Across the Pond

Wow, it’s been several months since I posted here. My life took a pretty crazy turn, and I just totally lost focus on this blog.

So… I moved to London at the end of June for my job. That not only threw a kink in my gaming life, but kind turned my whole life on it’s ear. But now I’m finally settled, and London is starting to feel like home. I was really lucky to have latched on to an acquaintance from the Fate Core Google+ community, Tom, who lived near London. He and his wife have quickly become dear friends of me and my wife. So now I’m trying to establish a new life for myself here in the London RPG scene. This has been one of the most stressful experiences of my life, but things are finally starting to settle in and I feel like we’re finally starting to have fun, and are starting to call this place home.

Pubs Instead of Stores
First of all, there aren’t a ton of gaming stores here, or at least I haven’t been terribly successful in finding them. But, unlike the US, the FLGS’s aren’t really the hubs of gaming activity that they are in the US. Most just don’t have much room, so they aren’t able to host game nights and such. Thus, there are lots of clubs (some sponsored by stores, many not) where folks meet up and play games. has been a great way for us to connect with different fun groups. Many of these groups meet in pubs, rather than stores, which I thought was brilliant! Tom introduced me to a great little group called London Indiemeet which get together regularly to play indie RPG’s. It’s usually a short night of one-shots. I’ve gone twice now and run something in Fate. My first game was a game of Faeries, using Fate Accelerated, which was good fun, and the second time I ran Secret of Cats, which had just come out. I should probably write a whole post on the Cats game.

Time Zones
I’ve had plans to try and continue my Fate Deadlands game with the crew from and my home Dragonriders game over, but timezones are making that really difficult. The East Coast US is 5 hours behind me here, and my old home back in Utah is 7 hours behind, so it makes things really tough.

So What Am I Doing?
I’m still playing lots of Play by Post games, and the recent release of D&D 5E has created lots of fun stuff going on on that front. I’m determined to get some regular games started over here, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m planning to go to a London convention called Dragonmeet, and probably run a game or two. I’m doing some solo play of a party through the D&D 5E adventure Lost Mine of Phandelver, just to get a feel for how some stuff works. I’m still fiddling with Fate-relates stuff a lot.

So anyways, I’m still alive and rolling dice here on the other side of the pond. I’m starting to like it here, and I’m starting to adapt to the different culture, gaming and otherwise. I’ll try to start posting here on the blog more often again.


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